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It’s a vehicle that requires little introduction – the Ford Transit. This versatile van is a champion of the roads, a reliable asset in commercial fleets, and a favourite of drivers nationwide.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss why the van is regarded as the backbone of the UK labour force and what makes it so distinct from other vehicles on the market.


A Brief History of the Ford Transit Van 

How did the transit become the go-to companion for working professionals?

Initially Impressive

Since its debut in 1965, the Ford Transit, a series of Light Commercial Vehicles, distinguished itself by offering more cargo space than competitors and a versatile range of models. This lineup included pick-ups, minibuses, panel vans, and crew-cab versions, with the flexibility of diesel or petrol engines.

Technological Expansion 

By 1986, Ford ushered in a new era of vans with the latest technological features. These additions included air-conditioning, central locking, airbags and electric windows. By staying ahead of the curve, the Transit maintained its popularity as a commercial vehicle and earned a reputation as a practical van for private use. 

Constant Progression 

Ford remains dedicated to updating the trusted Transit. In 2013, the company released a double-cab model for up to seven individuals and a load space of up to 10.6 cubic meters. Most recently, Ford released the E-Transit, an electric cargo van, showcasing the brand’s commitment to keeping up with the times.

An Automotive Icon

The Transit has been Europe’s best-selling light commercial vehicle for forty years! Today, ‘Transit’ is synonymous with light commercial vehicles sharing similar characteristics, underscoring the van’s iconic status.


Why is The Ford Transit Van So Popular?

Explore the factors that have led to the Ford Transit’s decades of success. 

1. Unwavering Reliability 

The Transit van is a true workhorse, capable of enduring the rigours of working life on-site and on the roads. It also has exceptional cargo space and high payload capacities, making transportation a breeze.

With a diverse fleet of Ford Transit vehicles, you have the confidence and peace of mind that your vehicles are up to the task, no matter the demands.

2. Adjustable Design

Ford Transits are versatile vehicles. Various models are available on the market, enabling you to diversify your fleet and meet different challenges. Aside from the classic panel van, you’ll find the following:


As well as the different styles of vans, there are a variety of cab sizes, body extensions, and features like tail lifts available to enhance functionality.

At VanDemand, we take customisation to the next level with bespoke conversions, offering everything from lightweight steel racking to roof racks and onboard power. This extra outfitting gives you a van that meets your exact requirements and leaves you with a work-ready vehicle.

3. Software and Technology

The Transit is a vehicle constantly being updated with the latest advancements in the automotive industry, making work more efficient. These updates can range from simple features like air conditioning, reverse cameras, and Bluetooth to the more advanced Ford Pro Telematics tool. 

Ford Pro Telematics manages the health and productivity of your fleet through a fully integrated digital system. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, this software ensures efficiency, allows for effective planning, minimises downtime, and extends the overall lifespan of your fleet.

4. Convenience and Availability   

Since the Ford Transit is so popular, you will always be able to get hold of one. So, whether you’re planning to expand your fleet or need to hire a vehicle at short notice, you can get equipped with a familiar and reliable van quickly. 

Ford also has a strong network backing in the UK that makes it easier to replace and repair parts in the event of a breakdown, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

5. Cost-effective

The upfront cost for a Ford Transit is reasonable, but it also has excellent fuel economy and low running costs. These traits mean the van is incredibly cost-efficient in the long run. 

If you’re apprehensive about an upfront investment, VanDemand can help you finance a commercial vehicle fleet in a manageable and convenient way. To do this, we’ve partnered with a leading finance provider to offer monthly payments and flexible deposits to get you up and running. 


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