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If you’re considering scaling up your fleet, you must first pinpoint the type of van you need. While you might have a specific style in mind, the optimal fleet often combines a mix of vans to tackle various tasks.

VanDemand knows that the right commercial van can improve efficiency, productivity and safety. That’s why we offer a diverse scope of vehicles and bespoke tailoring to meet your needs. Follow this article and invest in your new vans with confidence. 

Van Types: Streamline Your Search

Simplify your search by considering your essentials, preferences and financial factors.

Determine The ‘Must-Haves’

Whether for delivery services, construction or trades, understanding your needs is the first step in choosing the right vans. Assess the van’s intended purpose by evaluating factors such as:

  • Load:  Determine the required cargo space, weights, containment protocols and temperatures.
  • Dimensions: Assess the size of the van to ensure compatibility with your demands while adhering to road regulations.
  • Engine and Fuel Type: Evaluate the most efficient engine size to save costs. Choose between Electric, Hybrid or Diesel. Consider the evolving Clean Air Zone (CAZ) policies that may impact your decision.
  • Terrain: Consider the types of landscapes the vans will travel across.
  • Practical Features: Explore enhancements like tail lifts or dropsides to optimise your operations or the likes of Chapter 8 signing to meet road safety regulations.
  • Passenger Requirements: Consider a single or double cab and features such as air conditioning or reverse cameras for enhanced comfort and safety.

Additionally, take into account any challenges you foresee or have previously encountered. For example, a ‘tool pod’ tipper, like that featured on the Ford Transit L3 Tipper Tool Pod van, is a wise choice for keeping tools and equipment separate and secure.

Stick to a Budget

Determine your spending limits and explore vans within your budget. Another sensible option is to opt for a secure finance plan to spread your costs. 

Take Advantage of VanDemand’s Finance Plan: 

Eliminate the strain of upfront payments with our convenient finance plan. VanDemand works with a leading finance provider to offer monthly payments for up to seven years with flexible deposits, easing any financial strain in getting your fleet up and running.


What Types of Vans Are On Offer?

Learn about the different styles of commercial vehicles available for your fleet and examine each model’s specifications to find out more. 

Panel Vans: Dependable Commercial Vehicle

Panel Vans are one of the most recognisable commercial vehicles on the road. This van is agile and reliable, ideal for transporting lighter goods and frequent loading. The enclosed nature of this van offers an extra layer of security, hiding valuable items, loads and tools from sight, and with our comprehensive work-ready conversions, you’re bound to have a vehicle ready to be put to work immediately.


Example Conversion Options:


Option A: Construction Run-About Van

  • Polyline Load Area
  • Composite Floor
  • Interior Lighting 
  • Front LED Strobes
  • LED R65 Beacon (400mm)
  • Chapter-8 Rear Livery 
  • System Edstrom Side Shelves


Option B: General Builders Van

  • Polyline Load Area
  • Composite Floor
  • Interior Lighting 
  • System Edstrom Bulkhead Shelves
  • Rhino 3 Bar Roof Rack + Pipe Tube


Option C: Service Engineer’s Van

  • Polyline Load Area
  • Composite Floor
  • Interior Lighting 
  • System Edstrom Racking
  • Rhino 3 Bar Roof Rack + Pipe Tube


Option D: Technical Engineer’s Van

  • Polyline Load Area
  • Composite Floor
  • Interior Lighting 
  • System Edstrom Comprehensive Racking

Luton Vans: Tailored for Heavy-Duty Transport

Luton Vans are excellent when it comes to transporting bulky or heavy goods. The body accommodates high-load volumes, with a peaked front for increased storage. Each of our Luton vans also has a tail lift fitted as standard. This feature makes loading and unloading a lot safer and manageable, especially when cargo is heavy and unwieldy.  

Currently, we supply a Ford Transit L4 Luton with Tail Lift and an Iveco Daily L4 Luton with Tail Lift. Both models are three-seater, manual-drive, diesel vehicles boasting a gross mass of 3500kg. Uncover further details by viewing each van’s specifications.

Dropside Vans: Versatile Transportation

When tasked with transporting sizable items like garden or building materials, a dropside van offers a controlled and practical solution. The side and tailboards lower down, enabling efficient loading and unloading.

Need to adhere to Chapter 8 regulations? Select our Ford Transit L4 Dropside Traffic Management van. This vehicle arrives with all applicable markings and a 500kg mesh tail lift. 

Beavertail Vans: Efficient Car Transporter

Beavertail Vans feature an extended, sloping flat-bed design, making them excellent for transporting machinery and equipment. The Ford Transit L4 Beavertail features a body extension to L4 with a winch, LED Beacon and advanced Ford Pro Telematics software. 


Tipper Vans: Ideal for Effortless Unloading

Tipper Vans are a must-have for construction, landscaping or any business that involves moving loose materials such as sand and gravel. These vans have an open body and an efficient tipping system, allowing them to deposit heavy loads effortlessly.

If you’re concerned about the security of your tools and equipment, the Ford Transit L3 Tipper Tool Pod is fitted with an alloy tool pod, keeping items separate from your load and out of sight from potential thieves.

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